Saturday, 14 May 2011

X-Men: First Class is coming...Tv Spots ahoy

Here are two TV spots (Courtesy of for the rapidly approaching, and highly anticipated  prequel, reboot, reimagining same universe as Singer’s X-Men even thought the ages of the character make no sense and X-Men:Origins Wolverine appears to have been erased from history!
There’s a whole mess of stuff to get into with this movie. I’m an X-Men fan from waaaay back and think we’ve been lucky with some great entertainment from their stories. From X2, still argued to be the best super hero movie ever made and with more Subtext and allegory than there are mutants at the Xavier Academy / Institute. (I’m guessing it is not George Bush Jnr’s favourite film). Wolverine & The X-Men and the original 1990s toon are both brilliant examples of that particular medium as well. But from calling the movie First Class (The Title f a series of X-Men comics about, well the First Class, but not bothering to use that seems akin to having a film called The Bourne movie and not having Jason Bo.. Oh, Oh yeah. Ooops.

The X-Men movie Timeline is so all over the place I half expect Dr. Who, Doc Brown or Bill & Ted to turn up somewhere in the movie and stop the whole thing to give us a lecture on just how the bloody hell all of this fits in to the “not too distant Future” of X1 – X3.

Anyway that can wait for another post. I smell a poll in the air........

TV spot 1

TV spot 2

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