Saturday, 14 May 2011

Did you rush out of Fast 5 & Thor and miss the endings?

Thor Fast’s sake, stay until the end!

So you’re sitting down, waiting for your latest fix of Avenger’s Movieverse building at the end of Thor; or to find out what the shocking “There’s going to be a Fast 6 and you will NEVER believe which 3 cast members are coming back for it!” teaser at the end of Fast 5, and what happens? Dozens, hundreds of people star streaming out of the cinema the second the last syllable of dialogue drops! I know Cinemas don’t help much, with the lights coming up then too (killing the 3D effect of the credits on films by the way!) and the screen cleaners staring at you, daring you to keep them waiting just one more second, but people what’s the hurry? Babysitters? Pizza? Kebab? Public Transport? Seeing if that casual, un-rebuffed, glancing of your hand on “their” leg really does mean you’ll be getting lucky tonight?

Or are you totally the other way around? You’ve patiently sat on your butt, eating overpriced food (well reasonably priced food that you snuck in, trembling with fear!) and now that the talking’s done you want to get out in the fresh(ish) air; but some lame nerds are still sitting down, making everyone take twice as long to get out of the screen. Plus they’re giving you dirty looks, or at least looks that suggest you’re some kind of mug for leaving early; but the film’s finished right?

So which are you? Are you a leave as soon as you can, or a stay right until the very end, because hundreds of people have put blood sweat and tears into making this movie and they deserve to have their names re....Oooh Keira Knightly’s back and she’s got a kid that looks nearly 10! Is that the Flying Dutchman?!............

Seriously should films just get everything over and done with before the names star rolling; or if there is anything else should it be Jackie Chan / Pixar Style, IN the credits?

There’s a Poll that’s kind of connected to this issue too, re the end of credits scene on Thor and whether Marvel Studios should just move these “bonus” scenes to the end of the action; like on The Incredible Hulk. Most people were for keeping things as they are. As of 15:00 12/05/11 we had 58.23% for keeping things as they are; and 32.91% for bringing them forward.


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