Saturday, 21 May 2011

Green Lantern’s 3D trailer (in 2D of Course)

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Not to be outdone by the Transformers 3D trailer, released earlier. Warner Bros have released a new 3D trailer for Green Lantern.

Now the film has a long way to go to convince may people it’s worth the hefty price of normal admission, let alone 3D prices. Does this trailer change your mind?

I thought I'd add my thoughts here. I don't like talking about CGI before I've seen a film, because I know they keep rendering these things until the last minute. That said, there;s still too much of an Xbox feel to much, if not all, of the alien set scenes I've seen. I'm hoping it improves and that there's a good solid story to hang all of the , very expensive, special effects on. I just haven't been fully convinced by what I've seen so far. I'll going to see it though and hopefully this means that dreadful first trailer will finally be pulled, because people are still laughing in all the wrong places at that one!

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