Saturday, 21 May 2011

Pirates of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. The after credits scene. (Spoilers)

It's clear from the title but this is a spoiler if you haven't seen the film.

Well I guess this is becoming a bit of a tradition here so in keeping with my Thor and Fast Five blogs, here is what happened at the end of POTC: OST. Now the film itself was so boring I blame no one if they legged it out as soon as possible or were fast asleep when this scene turned up but here it is.

Anjelica (Penelope Cruz) was left marooned on an Island at the end of the film. We see her on the beach and the Voodoo doll of Jack  (Johnny Depp) washes ashore. She smiles as she now has a potential means of escape and revenge.

This may or may not be relevant in future films. The post-credits scene at the end of Curse of The Black Pearl was significant as it allowed the monkey to return as an undead monkey in future stories. The Dead Man’s Chest scene wasn’t really important, it just gave an amusing resolve to the question of what happens to the Key Dog; it wasn’t eaten (yet) and appears to be the new king of the cannibals. It remains to be seen if the post-credits scene from At World’s End is important as it was set 10 years after the end of that film; Will & Elizabeth’s child has grown to be 9 and Will is now allowed on land, as it has been 10 years.

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