Monday, 4 April 2011

The Supers are back! So am I.

Catch up part one

I know this is getting old but apologies again for missing so much over the past week, where I have once again been too ill to write this blog for 5 days or so and I have missed lots! I'll be posting trailers and opinion on the revitalised Green Lantern, Thor's Hammer vision TV spots (more Avengers plugs), The Sleeping Beauty head-to-heads, Stan Lee's cameos and the unwelcome return of the Justice League movie with DIFFERENT actors playing Batman, Superman & Green Lantern to the actors who WILL CONCURRENTLY be playing those heroes in standalone films.
In the mean time here's a clip from Thor. The Thunder god has just been banished to long ignored Realm of Earth, worse he's been hit by Natalie Portman's van and is hence more than a little confused and upset.

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