Monday, 4 April 2011

Stop! Hammer Time!

This TV spot is just awesome. Sorry to use such a ubiquitous and frankly overused term, but awesome it has to be. When we were teens, reading Thor and Avengers comics we would have called this AWESOME, or maybe DARK! Anyone who has ever read Thor (Big sister I'm looking at you) and doesn't go nuts and retro at this trailer simply needs to move on to their own private, soulless island.

It has everything, he flies! The Hammer twirls! Mjolnir-cam as it knocks down Troll (Ice trolls? Frost giant kids, I don't know but they're cool) and flies back to Thor! Seriously, it was freak out time.

Perhaps best of all was the first real Avengers feeling, when they trailer referred to "other heroes" and we get to see Avengers in waiting Iron Man and Hulk! I haven't even seen Thor, but I'm so looking forward to Hulk and Thor getting on each others' nerves and having a good old hero VS hero Punch up!

"You're big; fought bigger! :)

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