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Thor After Credits described / explained

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Ok Everyone who saw the movie should have seen the very cool, retro Bond style,
Thor Will Return In The Avengers!
But as the increasing urge to stampede out of Cinemas the second that the last syllable is uttered continues, and to be fair, people rush to catch that bus or train home, staying right until the end for the now legendary Marvel Movieverse (Ahem Marvel Cinematic Universe) end credits scene is not happening for most people. More than that sometimes people just don’t get them. No those of us that do are not just nerds! (We are cool nerds!) I’m going to begin, at the beginning, with Iron Man’s after credit scene; followed by The Incredible Hulk’s, then Iron Man 2’s and finally Thor’s. So you can feel free to skip straight to number 4 to read about Thor’s (4 for Thor, see what I did there?) Also look out for my own, sneaky “after credits scene”. Again it’s a spoiler of sorts...... you have been 

  1. We first had Nick Fury Director of S.H.I.E.L.D (Samuel L Jackson) turn up right at the very, very end of the credits in Iron Man, to tell Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jnr.) that he was by no means the only Super Hero in the world and was part of a much bigger Universe. Most importantly Fury told Stark he wanted to “ to [him] about The Avenger Initiative.” Simple enough if you Know Marvel and if you didn’t it was pretty easy to think, Fury is some kind of secret agent boss type, there are other super heroes and this dude wants to be in charge of a bunch in something called the Avenger posse.

2. So on to The Incredible Hulk; here they were much kinder to those in the audience needing to rush home to the baby-sitters and gave us the extra scene about one second after the movie’s end. This scene actually takes place AFTER the end of Iron Man 2, explaining why Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jnr.) is speaking to / recruiting General Ross (William Hurt). After some amusing banter, which implies that, like his father Howard Stark (who is deeply involved in the Super Soldier project of WWII that creates Captain America), Tony has been approached to help in the revived Super Soldier project, Stark asks Ross “What if I told you we were putting a team together?” This one is pretty straight forward, until we find out that this scene actually takes place after the scene at the end of Iron Man II, where Nick Fury tells Stark that he is no longer wanted, because of his drinking and erratic behaviour, as a member of The Avengers and would like to use him as a consultant. This is the role he is playing here in advising Ross they are assembling a team. It is also possible that he is advising Ross that they will have a team capable of capturing The Hulk / Banner, rather than trying to recruit Banner / Hulk for The Avengers. Given that Doctor Erik Selvig (Stellan Skarsgård) states that he believes S.H.I.E.L.D has “disappeared” Banner, in Thor, it is quite possible that it is the former.

 3. Iron Man II marks a return to the long wait. Everybody gets a chance to find out who all the people are that played a part in making the movie they just watched though. This scene is very straightforward, but it is partly meaningless to anyone who has never really read many Marvel Comics, or watched Marvel cartoons; which are a pretty big percentage of the audience. We see Agent Coulson completing the mission Nick Fury sent him on 2/3 of the way into Iron Man II. He drives up to a ridge overlooking a big crater that’s recently been made. Now here begins a nifty series of misdirection. With the desert setting and the big crater we were all thinking it must be Hulk! But instead we see a hammer wedged solid in the ground! The Camera zooms in and as the screen fades we hear thunder!  Remember having to explain this to a number of people when we went to see Iron Man II. Of course by now we all know it is Thor’s Hammer MJOLNIR!


  4.   Dr. Erik Selvig (Stellan  Skarsgård) Goes really deep into this bunker / max prison type place and meets Nick Fury, cracking a joke about being taken all the way down there to be killed. It feels like he already knows Fury. There’s more potential misdirection here (as With Bruce Banner getting ‘mentioned’ in the movie we assume it is going to be a prison for Hulk / Banner). Fury is standing behind a large metal box / case and thanks Erik and Portman, for their help with Thor. Erik says it is amazing stuff and that this Cosmic Powers lark has never been seen before. Fury then says that's not quite right and opens up THE BOX (Yes the caps are justified, it’s a dramatic moment!). Inside the Box is a Cosmic Cube AKA The Tesseract; we assume it's the one the Red Skull is searching for in Captain America: The First Avenger, which has some connection to Odin (more thefts from his vault perhaps?) We Know Skull finds it and uses the Cube to and help HYDRA / Nazi Germany try take over the world! (They’re HYDRA, they’re HYDRA & The Brain, Brain, Brain, Brain, Brain!). Fury explains that it is a source of immense (infinite) power and that he wants Erik to help S.H.I.E.L.D find out how to use it. (A Cosmic cube / Tesseract is technology that is at least on a par with the Asgardians’ tech, possibly even more so. Again fitting Arthur C Clarke’s axiom that “Any technology, sufficiently advanced is indistinguishable from magic!”). It effectively grants wishes, any wishes. But here's the real kicker... Right after we hear Fury describe the Cube we see a reflection of Loki (who is NOT in the room) with a smile on his face he says "Well, I guess that’s worth a look"......The Prof then effectively mimics Loki, same words, same intonation, suggesting that Loki is now going to be influencing / controlling the good Dr. with his freaky godlike powers! Also it confirms that despite his fall into space / the dimensional nexus Loki is NOT dead and that he is going to be the cause of the massive global catastrophe that finally leads to Nick Fury's Avengers, well Avenging!

5.   Samuel L Jackson and Chris Evans were seen filming a scene for captain America the other day. It is a contemporary scene with Evans, looking a little lost and 1940s in chino style pants and a white T-shirt listening to Fury and accepting something, we’re guessing a Shield, from Agent Coulson (Clark Gregg). Most people are assuming this was the after credits scene from Captain America; it could well be, but there’s also the possibility that it’s the opening scene and we’re all being fed another piece of misdirection, with the after credits scene actually being a mini-prologue to The Avengers itself featuring anything from a Skrull incursion, to HYDRA launching some Battle: Los Angeles style global invasion or those pesky little white lab mice finally taking over the world! Oh wait a minute, they’re Warner Brothers' characters, and I guess that will have to wait for the decidedly rushed Justice League movie! They’re Batman, Green Lantern & The Brain, Brain, Brain, Brain, Brain.

UPDATE 22/7/11:- As suspected  Marvel Studios fooled us, but the surprise is in fact a kick ass teaser for The Avengers. Read something about that here...Click

Find out why Marvel Studios end credits scenes are at the end here...
Nuff Said.


  1. there is scene at the end of the movie with sameul and the Cap. but I did not see an after credits clip.

  2. It's possible you left too soon. Have a read of this...