Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Guy Ritchie to Direct Lobo movie

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Guy Ritchie has been hired to direct the Movie version of Lobo, the Dc comic book character. Created in the 80s as an extreme parody of Wolverine he achieved super cult status in the 90s and then went the way of all parodies; downhill. Still popular with his fan base he is a perfect movie character and Ritchie is very good when on form so let's hope it works out.

What price a film version of the Marvel/DC Amalgam series where Lobo actually gets into a fight with the object of his comedic origin Wolverine. Fans were more than a little surprised when a bone clawed (and thus severely weaker) Wolverine went toe to toe with and beat Lobo. Lobo had been seen trading blows with Superman and no matter how much you love Wolverine, even with adamantium on his bones Logan aint that strong bub.

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