Saturday, 12 September 2009

The 21st century 3D revolution: part 1 Now on Sci-Fi

 OK sorry it's been a while betweens posts.

My latest series has its first instalment posted on today. It's about the latest attempt to get 3D cinema up and running, why it's happening how and why we should care. It's also going to deal with 3D video gaming, which is probably the most likely way that home 3D is going to take off.

Side by side with this is the growing campaign to get 3D TV up and running. 3D ready TVs are getting better, cheaper (still around £2,500!) and more varied and soon to be Joining the Japanese BSkyB are to launch Europe's first 3D channel next year.

Here's a peek, please remember to go over to and read the whole thing, whilst telling the world how great it is.

Films, Football and games, Oh My!

If you've been anywhere near a cinema over the past 20 months or so you'll be aware that the third big push of 3D Cinema is at hand. If, like me, you're a glutton for the latest hi-tech news you'll also be aware that a similar push, most likely centred on Sports and gaming, has quietly been gathering pace in the Television department. As is often the way, when it comes to home entertainment, there are several differing methods and technologies vying for supremacy in the home 3D market, and not much in the way of a unified battle plan either. On the cinema front sporadic screenings of films like Chicken Little and Monster house notwithstanding, the third age of 3D cinema truly began with the Christmas 2007 release of the much underappreciated Beowulf.

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