Friday, 14 August 2009

Wolverine Origins Pt.2. Logan in Japan

X-men Origins Wolverine Part Two. Er, not his origin really.

So not only are we getting the story many wanted for the first Wolverine movie. (Not sure how that would have been his origin though eh?) But, saints be praised, we’re getting a genuine top drawer film scribe to write it.
Christopher “The Usual bloody Suspects” McQuarrie is going to moviefy the seminal Frank Miller / Chris Claremont, Japan set storyline! (Moviefy is so a word!)

Now If I’m 100% honest I think that Wolverine suffered a bit of an unfair backlash based on the still not reached heights of X2 and the platinum standard of The Dark Knight; the film that replaced X2 as the best comic book movie of all time.

There’s a hell of a good story in there. In fact there’s room for more than one movie. Giving that even Hugh Jackman ages like the rest of us, does anyone else think they should just write and film 2 or 3 Wolverine movies at once? Or, given that the moneymen are infamous for short-changing the mutant movies where budget is concerned, is it possible to film a Wolverine / x-Men movie set 50 or so years in the future? I know I know they’ll never pay for it right? Maybe Marvel can work a deal where 50% of the movie rights go back to Marvel and they split the budget and finally spend that extra $30m - $50m that the x movies could have done with to go that extra (danger room / Sentinels) mile?

Anyway is more of the mutant with a bad attitude, bad hair and a serious manicure problem Good news, or Bad news?

You decide.

Oh also I’ve commented on X2 and The Dark Knight being the best two comic book movies around. So am I a sage or a Simpleton

You are the resistance

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