Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Terminator Salvation review

O.K so it's just my amazon review copied and linked from here, and I still haven't gotten to movies made from books, and that should be made from books. Like Ender;s Game. Still interesting, seeing as at the mo more people want a Terminator sequel than a Star trek one, which is just 100% in the opposit direction to either the critical or commercial success of both movies. Also T4 was garbage. Pure garbage. It's hard to conjure up the will to write a review; it's neither good enough nor bad enough to bother. O.K so it's not the poorly conceived and badly written T3; but it's just not good enough at all. Why people persist in making Terminator movies without James Cameron is beyond me. Oh wait, no it isn't, it's money. I'm hoping the modest (for a Terminator movie) box office will give the studio pause and make them think harder about the direction they're taking the Terminator in. 1st The TERMINATOR. There you go. The clue is in the title. You cannot, absolutely, positively CAN NOT have a Terminator movie that's trying to be a 12A (pg-13) for crying out loud! It's "Terminator" people are supposed to get, well I guess Terminated, in relatively gruesome & graphic ways. 2ND What kind of world do we live in where McG gets to direct a Terminator movie? Seriously McG? What was the director of Aliens vs Predator 2 not available? O.k. did Uwe Boll have a scheduling conflict. Lord save us! 3rd. So Christian Bale turns down the role of Marcus to play John Connor and Connor's role gets expanded. EXPANDED? The fleeting lip service paid to his character is actually padded out? What on Earth was his role before; making coffee for the leaders of the resistance and then getting killed and replaced by Marcus with Bale's face. Half way through this movie that, mind meltingly awful idea, started to look a lot rosier. 4Th. They've forgotten the whole dynamic of Terminator. The relationships 1 on 1 and with the adversaries. Kyle and Sarah and the pair of them with The Terminator. John and the T-800 - 101. John and his mum and, of course, them and their pursuer. T4? Well John kinda has a woman in his life, but she doesn't really do much; he seems to have a best friend (the utterly wasted Common)so maybe Kyle and Marcus? Nah, not really; Connor and Marcus? Maybe but again it's dull. It's not the actors' fault, Bale is legendary and Sam Worthington is very good (he's obviously the next big thing with this role, a leading part in James Cameron's Avatar AND the lead role of Perseus in the new version of Clash of the Titans 5Th. Sense. not a lot of it about. Now I know time travel in movies can get a bit tricky and leave plot holes big enough to form wormholes for real time travel, but as this is a Prequel so there's no time travel yet. So why is it that Skynet seems to know that John Connor is destined to become a royal pain in the butt in 10 years time? Also how does it know that Kyle Reese is / will be his daddy? Sure I guess it could have had access to the old police reports and Psych evaluations of Sarah Connor. It just doesn't seem to be explained in any way. Oh and no offence but Marcus is a way better "infiltration unit" than even the T-800 series so why Skynet didn't just make thousands of him I don't know. I know it is 9 or 10 years BEFORE the start of the Terminator, but the humans seem to have an awful lot of serious hardware. Nuclear sub, tank buster jets, helicopters galore. All a far cry from the improvised weapons of the 1st 2 movies. Sure the next movie will show the real decline of mankind, leading to John Connor's rise to saviour of the Mankind. Just please find someone else to write it. (Seriously the same guys who wrote the lamentable T3 get another chance with this series?? Not to mention they also wrote Catwoman!) As for the way the big bosses get nuked is just so lame. As if any half way competent military leader, let alone the big bosses of the major powers, would send ANY signal connected to the enemy from their own location??? I mean your average, drop out seller of weed is smart enough to use disposable mobiles! 6th Nuked the fridge! Given the fact that the only reason Connor goes to Skynet is to rescue Reese I fail to see how Marcus was apparently going to "help Skynet kill John Connor"? Finally, does anyone else wonder how on Earth Marcus gets a magnetic mine attached to his leg but NO ONE notices the metal? I know they ask about a prosthetic limb but surely his actual LEG would take the brunt of the blast? AND somehow he gets his chest blown apart but not his clothes over his chest? Sure it makes for a great reveal when we see what he is but it takes a big trip to stupid land along the way. I'm sure you're as bored of reading this as I was with the film by now, and I'm sure I've been too clever for my own good and the answers to my gripes are staring me in the face but hey, I have to write it how I saw it. Am I the only one who thinks Terminator films feel . . . wrong... Without that metallic du du, du, du du!? It was quality when the fake Arnold came out to that music. One of the few scenes that worked. Don't buy this, demand better movies than this to follow 2 of the 20th centuries finest movies. Films with more depth than you'd expect and a hell of a lot of great action to boot. Get the Blu-rays of T1 and T2 instead. My name is Everton Carter. If you're reading this, you are the Resistance!.

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