Thursday, 20 August 2009

AVATAR DAY!!!!!!! Friday 21st of August

It's Avatar day on Friday the 21st and yours truly has been lucky enough to get tickets to see the 15 minutes of footage chosen to get everyone in the world desperate to see James Cameron's latest Sci-Fi masterpiece!

For those who don't know the visionary director of the first two Terminator film (AKA the good ones), Aliens, They Abyss, True Lies and yes, Titanic, hasn't made a feature film in 12 years. Why? Basically he's been working behind the scenes spending large amounts of money trying to get 3D technology and motion capture tech up to the standard he needed to make Avatar. The film mixes real flesh and blood actors, with altered one; Sigourney Weaver is in the film but has been "youthed" so that she looks like she did in Ghostbusters 25 years ago. There are also the Avatars, replacement bodies for humans and the Na’vi, the alien race whose planet the humans are attempting to strip of its natural resources. The Na’vi have blue, sparkly skin and are about 3 meters tall, hence requiring much motion captured special effects.

The filmmaking techniques have been revolutionary; so the film itself is also supposed to be revolutionary. The producers have very cleverly decided that the best way to get just how special this film is would be to fill every IMAX and 3d screen in the world for 15 minutes on Monday the 21st. Those people lucky enough to get tickets will see 15 minutes of footage from the film and presumably, having picked their eyes up from the floor and put them back in their eyes, run screaming to their friends family and internet social networks eager to spread the word on how "must see" this film will be.

Rest assured I'll be putting my thoughts on the footage on here (as well as on ) on Monday evening.

Doon't forget the first trailer goes up at 15:00 TODAY!

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