Tuesday, 7 May 2013

R.I.P Ray Harryhausen; a genuine master of the film world...

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There’s nothing that my unworthy mind can type here that will eve begin to pay suitable respects the genuine giant of Special effects cinema. So good was he at the Stop motion effects that cinema relied upon before the digital age. So important was he that many of the films that he worked on are remembered as Harryhausen films! Imagine that, not the directors, the actors or the writers! The guy in charge of the special effects was the selling point, and what the films are mostly remembered for. That's a huge achievement and can't be overstated.
"You mean there's someone on this island looking for a fight?"

One of cinema's most iconic images
Somehow scarier than the 2010 version

The only other thing I can do is to urge to watch some of the films he worked on. Jason & The Argonauts may well be the best example, even with 1 or 2 dodgy performances; the original Clash of The Titans for Medusa and Pegasus. My sister and I were massive fans of The Valley of The Gwangi and three Sinbad films are all worth looking at for marvellous creativity. I still say that his Talos in Jason & The Argonauts is masterful and to this very day holds up as fantastic special effect. R.I.P Mr. Harryhausen, you gave me, and millions of others, untold hours of joy, and a little fear. You will continue to do so for decades (maybe centuries;like the mythological characters he so wonderfully helped to bring to life.) to come. (below there are some clips & trailers) 
The Master
29th June 1920 – 7th May 2013

Jason & The Argonauts: -Talos
Jason & The Argonauts trailer...
Valley of The Gwangi...

Clash of The Titans: Medusa...

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