Sunday, 5 May 2013

Missed Free Comic Book Day? You can still get Free digital comics Including the SteamPunk Wizard of Oz that thousands missed yesterday...

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Free Comic Book Day went pretty well in my neck of the woods, Lots of kids, lots of nerds, pretty women wearing skin tight clothes (I can’t pretend that wasn't a good thing.) One thing I noticed was a lot of people missing out on the special free issue of The Steam Engines of OZ. There were so few of them to go around here, that even if you were in the queue as the shops opened, chances were they had gone before you got in. But you can still get Oz as well as 13 other comics from FCBD 2013 (not to mention other free comics; which I just mentioned, so why say “not to mention”?) by scanning the QR code below with a Smartphone or tablet (Android / iOS / Kindle Fire / Windows 8) to get the comic on your device; or clicking on the code pic to get the comic on your computer / Laptop / magic mirror.

Just to be clear, I know the 2 codes go to Comixology, but there may well be other digital places to get these from; they are just who I happen to know & trust.

As well as the fun of watching my kids and our niece (hi Robyn) taking in the diversity of comics that are out there, as well s the density in ages, and the proof than most female super hero costumes will just make you look like a street walker when worn in real life (Forbidden Planet Manchester I am not referring to your two lovely, and very helpful, members of staff; AKA Black Widow & Zatana), I also got to meet a really nice guy, and his beautiful 21/2 year old daughter, whist we were waiting in line at our second comic book shop. Those of you picturing me and this guy, forcing our kids to camp out overnight, outside comic book shops needn't worry. It was two nights. OK seriously, the first shop “travelling Man” opens 1 hour earlier than forbidden Planet. (I must say that the staff at Travelling Man were awesome, really polite, really helpful and they even had a tray of sweets and doughnuts; I know, that’s so ‘Comic Book Guy’ right?) So what you had was lots of people with bags full of free comics, heading off to their second shop to try and get their hands on whichever titles they had missed out on at the first. So it came to pass that the five of us, ended up in front of this guy for the second time that morning. 

We all had fun talking about various things and then he gave me the addy for a comic he thought we might like, as it had similarities to both Adventure Time and Regular Show; both of which our kids enjoy both as cartoons and as comic books. With us suitably impressed, he revealed that it is in fact a comic that he himself created and continues to work on.  I have to say that Marc Jackson does resemble his lead character! So you never know what will happen when you step out of your door, and you should really mark the first Saturday in May 2014 down as Free Comic Book Day. In the meantime here’s a QR code (or click it) for Man From Space, check it out, it may just be your kind of crazy!
With Iron Man 3 having just ridiculously become Marvel Studios 2nd highest Grossing film (after The Avengers) in just 12 rolling days, it seemed fitting to mention it here. $680m breaks down as $504.8m International and an estimated $175.2 m in North America. Remember the film only came out in there this weekend, with its $175.3 the second highest grossing weekend of all time, behind only The Avengers, still impossible seeming, $207m. Well done Marvel Studios!

Iron Man Three – Mansion attack...

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