Monday, 17 September 2012

Manimal is coming to the big screen! (What no Automan?!) Live action / CGI hybrid film on the way…

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I’ll bet $1m right now that he will turn into a black panther! (If you don’t get that joke you’re probably wondering what the Smeg a Manimal is anyway!) One of the bet bad TV shows from the 1980s, Manimal lasted a mighty 8 episodes before getting cancelled. Even so I’m sure Manimal, as played by Simon McCorkindale, must have curled his fingers and very, very, verrry slowly turned himself into a Black Panther at least 80 times! Apparently he was able to turn himself into numerous, possibly all, animals as he adventured and fought crime on a weekly basis.

Sony hope t turn this into a live action and CGI  movie, like the Smurfs but, er, not. I imagine this will allow for them to have him be more than a big Cat a hawk and a Dolphin this time. My hope is that they go all Marvel Studios and have Manimal and Automan form a classic 1980s crime fighting team alongside StreetHawk! It is very early days yet as Sony have merely secured the rights and are yet to find writers for the film.

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