Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Kick Ass 2: Jim Carrey is confirmed as “The Colonel”…

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The rumours may have been flying around for some time, but a few minutes ago Carrey, a huge Kick Ass fan, was confirmed to be playing the role of The Colonel (As seen above in the camo gear); kind of the character Ernie Hudson was MEANT to play in Ghostbusters. A tough military type who whips the random  and disparate heroes into an efficient team of real life, and still power-lacking, super heroes. There’s little point in giving a full description of what happens to his character in Mark Millar’s superb follow ups to Kick Ass (Kick Ass 2 & Hit Girl) as the films follow a parallel path to the comics. Not exactly retelling the tale, but following the general shape and the spirit of the comics. Matthew Vaughan may be too busy following u p his excellent X-Men: First Class, to follow his very good Kick Ass as director, but this remains a film to look forward to. I have to say tough, when I read Kick Ass 2, Jim Carrey did not instantly spring to mind as my idea of The Colonel! But I'm sure he'll do a good job.

Kick Ass…

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