Friday, 2 December 2011

Ender’s Game: True grit star Hailee Steinfeld Joins Hugo’s Asa Butterfield on the wanted list...

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Fans of the Ender’s game novel, of which I am an unashamed member, have another piece of casting news to smile about. The filmmakers are certainly setting the bar high as they attempt to gather a cast of children that would rival many high class adult casts. Oscar nominated Steinfeld is talks to play the character of Petra Arkanian; a child genius extremely gifted in military strategy and free thinking strategy. The only female member of Ender’s handpicked group of children, tasked with surviving a rigorous training schedule designed to find, and teach, the latent “Alexander The Greats” amongst the Earth’s children. Variety also believe that Harrison Ford is the prime candidate for one of the few adult roles in the film, Colonel Graff.

Ender’s Game: Lead role offered to ‘Hugo’ star Asa Butterfield...

The film is being directed by Gavin Hood, who has also written the screenplay. It is based on the award winning, highly popular, Orscon Scott Card novel ‘Ender’s Game’; which has spawned several sequels spin-off and has even been adapted by Marvel Comics into a series of comics / graphic novels. U.S release is set for the 15th of March 2013; U.K 29th of March 2013.

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