Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Man of Steel A 3 minute trailer for the Superman film hoping to end a 3 film losing streak...

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So the 6th big screen outing for hopes to restore the balance (so far there have been 2 successes Superman 1 & 2, and 3 varying degrees of failure, Superman 3 & 4 and Superman Returns) to at least an even success / fail rate for the character that gave the English speaking world its first, real Super hero film. Decreasing popularity, no longer being the only Super hero on film and a lack of Christopher Reeve, have not helped  as WB / DC have failed to make a go of any other, mainstream, comic book hero other than Batman (Even that had the 2 Schumacher films in between Burton and Nolan).

So far the trailers have been pretty sombre and whilst fans have loved them, non fans have remained mostly underwhelmed; if for no other reason than they have been reminded of the tone of the previous Superman film. The box office for that film should remind WB that whilst Superman remains extremely well known, he is not popular enough to guarantee massive success simply because he’s ‘there’. Other characters, from Batman too Spider-Man have long since surpassed Superman in both-comic book sales and merchandising, two important  barometers for how well your film may open  with mostly “fan” interest alone.

I’m not sure if this new trailer is so different, but it is certainly my favourite of the three released so far. Could this be the first Superman film out of 4 that genuinely appeals to the masses? To fans and non fans alike? Well they are certainly in with a shot. Firstly Henry Cavill is a very, very good actor (If you still haven’t watched The Tudors, you should, and you’ll see how good he is.) Zack Snyder has a visual talent, there’s no denying that and with Christopher Nolan (The Dark Knight trilogy) Producing and David S. Goyer (Blade trilogy, The Dark Knight trilogy) writing, the film has to have S, sorry hope. Superman re-returns on the 14th of June.

Official Trailer 3...

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