Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Green Arrow is cast: Stephen Amell is to play the Super Hero in the new TV series...

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Green Arrow is one of DC comics better known characters: all the more so after major parts in both the animated series Justice League Unlimited and Smallville (played by Justin Hartley).
Stephen Amell; as seen in Hung. 

Arrow is a pilot, with a series naturally hoped for at the end, for US TV network the CW. Although Smallville was also on that channel this show will have no connection to that one. According to Deadline Canadian actor Stephen Amell will take up the title role of Green Arrow, A.K.A Oliver Queen; a billionaire who turns his mind to environmental and other political ideal; as well as costumed adventuring with a variety of conventional and "trick" arrows. See pic below.) The tale is expected to be updated. 
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