Thursday, 12 July 2012

Fantastic 4 (finally) confirms Josh ‘Chronicle’ Trank to direct, whilst Daredevil is running out of time before Marvel get the movie rights back...

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Way back when, just before Chronicle was released, director Josh Trank was thought to be the number one choice to direct Fox’s restart of the Fantastic 4 film series. 

New Fantastic Four film’s director is all but confirmed.

Well it seems that he is finally able to put that one down as a definite. Deadline is reporting that Trank is definitely the man to bring the first family of super heroes back to the big screen. As much money as Fox made from the first two films, they were neither as successful as they should have been, nor particularly liked by fans (or the wider audience). The confirmation of Trank will give some cheer to Marvel fans, who will hope that if the characters are not to return to Marvel (whose successful run  at making their own movies resulted in the 3rd highest grossing film of all time, ‘The Avengers’) then at least this film may be given a proper treatment and skew close to X-Men: First Class, than Ghost Rider, in the “We need to rush out a new film before we lose the rights to Marvel” stakes.

Speaking of losing the rights; according to Deadline Fox are in a bit of trouble after their planned restart of Daredevil lost its director, David Slade, to TV show ‘Hannibal’. It seems that the film has to be in production by autumn or the movie rights could go back to Marvel; pacing the way for a much better adaptation by Marvel studios and either a Daredevil who is part of the MCU, and hence who could work with any of The Avengers. Perhaps more interestingly there could be an offshoot ‘MKCU’ (Marvel Knights Cinematic Universe); A place where some of Marvel’s, darker, even super natural, heroes could exist. A 'lower budget' series of films, in the Blade / Hellboy range, that could see the grittier and / or super natural side of Marvel, without having to conform to the PG-13 rules of the MCU. With The Punisher and Blade already back at Marvel, that’s an exciting prospect indeed.

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