Thursday, 21 June 2012

Dredd: 1st trailer for the Judge Dredd film hoping to forever banish the memory of that ‘other’ film...

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The less said about that 1995 attempt to destroy anything and everything that made Judge Dredd interesting in the first place (Hey as Stallone said, it was based on a comic book so it had to be funny right!). But I’m sure we will hear / read untold amounts about that film by the time this new one comes out. Most of it will doubtless be calling this a remake or a reboot, despite the fact that it is simply a wholly different attempt to adapt, faithfully this time, the source material into a film. The main thing to take from the first Dredd film, is that it was one of the significant steps on the path (alongside Batman forever - Batman & Robin, The Phantom et al) towards what many thought was the death of the Super Hero / comic book book movie. This prior to the 1-2 punch that was Blade & X-Men, that led to us getting 4 - 8 super hero films a year (It's just too much!)

 I won’t pretend that I was an avid reader of 2000AD and Judge Dredd, I was much more of a Marvel kid, but I did read them and found the strange goings on very interesting. I know enough to expect a very different experience this time around. Well an un-removed helmet and lack of painfully unfunny Rob Scheinder will do.


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