Monday, 6 August 2012

Marvel to get The Silver Surfer & Galactus back, if they let Fox keep Daredevil?

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So the "our" dreams are coming true. According to Variety Fox and Marvel Studios are deep in negotiations that will see some coveted Marvel characters revert to Marvel studios INSTEAD of Daredevil. Cosmic heavyweights the Silver Surfer & Galactus are very much wrapped up in the storylines currently being set up for Phase 2 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. (As seen in the post credits scene of The Avengers, which leads into The Guardians of The Galaxy and (to a lesser degree) the space faring ‘Thor: The Dark World’. However their rights, as well as several other, are tied up in the deal that took The Fantastic Four to Fox.

As reported last month, Fox are running out of time to get their Daredevil attempt into production before they lose the rights to that character back to Marvel (A million fans just screamed yes!) Following on from the news that Marvel Studios were willing to put the Oscorp building from Sony’s The Amazing Spider-Man into the Avengers, this really is BIG news.

Fantastic 4 (finally) confirms Josh ‘Chronicle’ Trank to direct, whilst Daredevil is running out of time before Marvel get the movie rights back...

Impartiality be damned! I want this to happen. Sure I’d rather see Marvel Studios make a decent Daredevil movie, than see Fox screw up again; but a Marvel Studios Silver Surfer and Galactus coming to ‘eat’ the world in an Avengers or Thor movie, that trumps old hornhead every time.

Of course the story is not being confirmed by Fox, on the contrary the version of events being ’leaked’’ from there is that they actually want Marvel Studios as a genuine partner o a Daredevil film. They want the film to be a co-production, with Marvel taking on some of the budget, and doubtless lending some of their expertise, to Daredevil. Sure that makes more sense, but the fact is the Fantastic Four have 60 years worth of villains to use and losing The Silver Surfer & Galactus is by no means a major disaster.

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